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          Club Level


          • In Room or Lounge check in and check out
          • Complimentary refreshments served throughout the day
          • Daily Sunset Cocktail experience
          • A dedicated team to assist with all requirements during the stay

          Club Benefits at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama

          The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, introduces an improved Club program, offering exclusive sanctuaries that provide the comfort, convenience and privacy of a hotel within a hotel. With its own dedicated team on hand to offer supreme service, the Club takes care of all guest needs ensuring an exceptional experience within sumptuous surroundings.

          The Club’s amenities feature special services and privileges synonymous with The Ritz-Carlton brand worldwide whilst maintaining a strong sense of the resort’s island destination.

          Please note The Ritz-Carlton Club? Lounge is closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

          The Ritz-Carlton Club? Lounge

          The Ritz-Carlton, Abama′s Club Lounge offers a haven of peace and exclusivity, acting as the perfect, reclusive spot for families and couples. The spacious area comprising the Club Lounge creates a tranquil setting to enjoy a variety of refreshments throughout the day in a relaxing ambience.

          From seamless check-in at our Club Lounge to exclusive added benefits, experience the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

          Pamper your body and soul with complimentary access (two per stay) to The Ritz-Carlton Spa Wellness Experience. Enjoy its unique series of contrasting temperatures and beneficial water features to help boost your system and aid relaxation.

          Discover More

          Vines were planted as early as the 16th Century when the islands were highly acclaimed for their sweet flavour made from Malvasía – made in an oxidative and Maderized style as in Madeira, Sherry, Port and the like. Because of its excellent quality and its fame in Britain, Shakespeare mentions the Canary wines or The Canary Sack in The Twelfth Night and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Savouring a Malvasía white with views of El Teide right from the Club Lounge will create the most genuine memories of your stay.

          The combination of little-known grapes, high-elevation vineyards and dramatic volcanic soils made for some of the most distinctive and delicious wines you can ever have. In order to provide you with an insight of the local wine culture, we have gathered a wide selection of references which come from some of the best wineries of the island.

          Noble, unctuous, perfumed and appetizing with a refreshing acidity, the white wines come from the Vi?átigo Wineries in Tenerife, composed of handpicked Marmajuelo grapes, harvested at the ideal temperatures for the perfect taste. ?

          A range of products exclusively selected made using only 100% pure-bred Iberian pigs. Cured and produced by hand in Guijuelo (Salamanca), the heartland of the black Iberian pig. All our products are obtained from exceptionally pure bred animals left to roam freely and fed on acorns during the autumn and winter months on a number of the family estates.

          The result is a unique delicacy that plays the starring role in Spain’s celebrated cuisine which The Ritz-Carlton, Abama makes available to the most demanding of palates.

          Chocolate is enjoyed. Grand Chocolat is experienced.

          Tasting Grand Chocolat is a rare, intense, and intimate experience. You have to take your time and concentrate to discover the complexity of the chocolate and appreciate the enjoyment as it reaches a crescendo. You can see its shine, feel its texture, hear its crunch but only when it is in the mouth does the experience truly begin.

          Upon check-in, a couple mentioned that the reason for their island getaway was to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Ellen, one of the Club Concierge, decided to create something special and significant for them.

          Upon further investigation on their likes and preferences, the couple had mentioned that they really enjoyed the cava served in the hotel. Ellen decorated the room – along with Housekeeping – and added a bottle of Cava and a personalized card signed by the entire Club Level team, wishing them a Happy Anniversary.

          The following day, the guests thanked the Club Level team for creating such a meaningful surprise. They really liked the presentation and appreciated all the efforts for making that possible. ?