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          The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Istanbul Modern Building
          Istanbul, Turkey

          The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Istanbul

          The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Istanbul sit quietly at the end of Valikona?? Street. Each home and surrounding common areas benefit equally from the landscape and light, an infusion of life that matches the vibrant energy of Ni?anta??. The architects’ general design idea is to tell the story of life as it is lived inside the building. This approach is evident in the flexible layout of the apartments and has turned the structure into an icon of Ni?anta?? living.

          The project was designed by Tanju ?zelgin as a contemporary interpretation of the design spirit of the 1970s. Without changing the main character of the structure, a new design was developed to serve as a natural extension of the existing building while meeting modern day needs. A dark color was preferred to ease the massive feel of the building and to maintain a harmonious look with the surrounding buildings. It was designed to have a solemn, calm and respectable character.?

          Imagine a home not only defined by sophisticated and luxurious finishes but equipped to deliver legendary Ritz-Carlton service. The Residences offer curated living spaces with exquisitely crafted interiors and unparalleled service for a discerning global audience.??